Baobab Entertainment is an African Online Digital Music Platform aiming at promoting African upcoming music talents on the global market. It is a branch of Baobab Africa International which is a company founded by a Germany based Malawian artist and entrepreneur by the name Joseph Madalitso Jelemani, otherwise known as TJ Bless.  It has several areas/departments of work including permaculture, education, theater, entertainment. Baobab Entertainment has been more active and a dominating department within the company and the goal is to uplift raw African talent to the world and create a better place for everyone. It is a dream come true for many young and aspiring musicians on the continent of Africa. It is about time to expose these outstanding but hidden music / creative & innovative talents worldwide.

We are building a sophisticated artist network that will capable of conceptualizing and implementing artistic entertainment events around the African Continent and the global platform at large. The network is deeply established to promote African music to the world so that Upcoming African Artists can fully benefit from this evolving music industry.

Baobab Entertainment is a long-time vision inspired by TJ Bless’s own music life journeys in pursuit of a profitable and meaningful music industry that benefit and sustain the artists themselves.

Our generation has seen the music business transform from LP’s, Cassettes, CD‘s and now we have Digital Music platforms where one can access different music genres & and artists by either buying songs as downloads or streaming. This is a new music business revolution that we need to find our position to have our share on the global music Industry. This is where Baobab Entertainment come in, as Baobab Entertainment we are determined to empower our young artists so they learn to manage their music business by providing them with the knowledge, tools & platforms where they can discover more information & tips to run & manage a successful artist / music career.


At Baobab Entertainment, we have an all artist management Team in the making, we have a group of Artists on one Social Media platform where young artists share ideas, suggestions but mostly encourage one another to carry this music mission with total commitment for the success of every aspiring artist in our Movement. Baobab Entertainment will continue to focus on discovering and promoting new talents on the African continent for the world to witness the great potential African youth have in the global entertainment industry.

Reggae Dancehall Army - Africa members

We also aim to encourage young African Artists doing different music genres to explore and capitalize on the global entertainment industry which is now open to the whole world through Internet. To realize this dream, Baobab Entertainment Team is comprising of different artists in the management which also focus on Events creation, management and production (e.g. Music Festivals, Online music streaming, TV designed shows), Media and PR services, Music / Artists Awards, National & International musician tours, and many more. Within Baobab Entertainment Website we will also launch a Reggae Dancehall clothing line with different items relating to the project concept.

As an initiative to realise this dream with an effective impact we are centralizing our Music Production, Marketing, Promotion and Management of the Artists. This mean that all Baobab Entertainment businesses will have a central command center for smooth running affairs of the movement. Slowly but surely Artists themselves take leadership roles in the implementation of Baobab Entertainment nationally & internationally. We hope to expand to every part of the African continent in search of every aspiring young Artists to give them the opportunity brought by the launch of Baobab Entertainment as a company and the all African Talents Digital online Platform.


It’s about time African youth compete on global entertainment platforms and claim a portion of their glory in this ever-evolving music and entertainment industry.

Baobab Entertainment: Innovate the Spirit African Internationally


Baobab Entertainment was founded by TJ Bless born Joseph Madalitso Jelemani. He was born in Nsanje District in the Southern part of Malawi. Being born to both teachers TJ Bless was exposed to different kinds of entertainment from a very young age. His father being a secondary school literature / Grammar teacher he was exposed to different inspirational artistic events organized by his father’s secondary school students

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