Author: TJ Bless

One of the ongoing Baobab Entertainment projects is the establishment of Baobab International Studios in Blantyre, Malawi.  The sole purpose of this studio is to create a good access to audio production services to outstanding young artists in Africa.  Baobab Entertainment realizes that sometimes it’s not the talent and the composition that fail us to […]

  In 2020 through the CEO and Founder of Baobab Africa International, TJ Bless, a brand inside Baobab Entertainment was formed called Reggae Dancehall Army – Africa. Reggae Dancehall Army – Africa is a reggae and dancehall movement which came to birth to support the reggae and dancehall industry in Malawi and all over Africa, […]

ANIMALS IN PERMACULTURE Think of this, you love ducks and you would love to keep them on your farm one day. But then you remember how nasty ducks can turn your compound to. Ducks love anything that has to do with water and when they get around clean water, they always have to mess it […]

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