Baobab Entertainment and Mpoto Awards’ Joins to Organize Music Distribution and Marketing Training

Written by on 17th Sep 2023


In the city of Mzuzu, a transformative collaboration is taking shape. Baobab Entertainment and Mpoto Awards have joined forces to empower African music talent, offering established and emerging artists an invaluable opportunity to refine their skills in music distribution and marketing. This partnership marks a significant milestone in their shared mission to uplift and promote African talent on the global stage.

At the heart of this collaboration is the recognition that the music industry is undergoing a digital revolution. With the rise of digital music platforms, artists are faced with both unprecedented opportunities and complex challenges. Baobab Entertainment, known for its commitment to promoting African talent, and Mpoto Awards, renowned for its celebration of creativity in the northern region of Malawi, understand the transformative power of digital platforms and aim to equip artists with the knowledge and tools to navigate this evolving landscape effectively.

Madalitso Jelemani a.k.a TJ Bless, the forward-thinking CEO of Baobab Entertainment, shares his excitement about the collaborative training, stating, “Our mission at Baobab Entertainment has always been clear – to empower and promote African talent in the music and entertainment industry. This training, in partnership with Mpoto Awards, is a significant step toward realizing that mission. We are eager to provide emerging artists with the skills and knowledge they need to shine on the global stage.”

TJ Bless, Founder and CEO of Baobab Entertainment

TJ Bless, Founder and CEO of Baobab Entertainment

The centralization of music production, marketing, promotion, and artist management within Baobab Entertainment and Mpoto Awards aims to streamline operations and ensure efficient management of the movement. This means artists can focus more on their craft and less on the complexities of the industry.

Local artist “Mista Kozmik,” hailing from Mzuzu, reflects on the significance of this unique opportunity, saying, “As an artist from Mzuzu, I’ve seen the incredible talent that exists in our community. This collaborative training by Baobab Entertainment and Mpoto Awards is a game-changer for artists like me. It’s not just about music; it’s about learning how to navigate the digital music landscape, market ourselves effectively, and make our voices heard beyond our local community. I’m ready to soak up every bit of knowledge and take my music to new heights.”

Mista Kozmik, a hip-hop artist from Mzuzu

This collaboration isn’t just about music promotion; it’s about fostering a sense of community among artists. Through social media platforms and workshops like this one, artists are encouraged to collaborate, share ideas, and provide mutual support. This positive environment is a breeding ground for artistic growth and success.

Martin Uka, one of the key organizers of Mpoto Awards, emphasizes the importance of this training in the lead-up to the Mpoto Awards scheduled in November. He remarks, “The Mpoto Awards has always been about celebrating and recognizing the incredible talents we have in the northern region of Malawi. Partnering with Baobab Entertainment for this training is a natural extension of our mission. It’s not just about the awards ceremony; it’s about nurturing talent, providing artists with the tools they need to succeed, and ultimately showcasing the best of Malawian music and creativity to the world.”

Martin Uka, One of the organizers of Mpoto Awards

Both Baobab Entertainment and Mpoto Awards have ambitious plans to expand their reach throughout the African continent. Their vision is to discover and nurture talent from every corner of Africa, providing a platform for artists to showcase their unique voices and cultures to the world.

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