Established by Blessings Jelemani who is the CEO of Baobab Entertainment and the commander in chief of Reggae Dancehall Army – Africa, is an initiative of impacting the world not only through entertainment but, also with a unique way of life. Baobab Permaculture was first introduced as a way of interlinking creation, art, and culture as it is under the whole Baobab Africa International.

We believe for us to achieve one great goal which is entertaining the global community, first we must create that environment that will provide harmony, love and security to our dear brothers and sisters all over the world. Think of Baobab as a community fully engulfed in the entertainment culture comprising of different art categories such as music, theatre and many related fields.

In 5 years, Baobab would like to be the feeder to many hungry through its fully established permaculture gardens by recruiting vulnerable and hopeless street kids who are always roaming around empty stomach asking for something to eat or money. Hence, Baobab Permaculture aims to be experts in food production to have as plenty of food as of different kinds all enough to feed the Baobab community, and enough even to feed thousands and thousands. How can we manage the streets kids if we don’t give them food to eat? This is the idea that greatly motivated the development of Baobab Permaculture as a platform of working with the poor and vulnerable youths in identifying in them their local hidden talents.

We believe through permaculture initiative will help to recognize different art in many of those kids and will give hope to many hopeless kids again, especially to our African communities which have many vulnerable kids that need help. Art is our creation; everyone has got one or many. But it’s hard for the kids out there in the streets to have dreams without food when good systems are there that we can adopt to help to feed our nation.

Permaculture is the only systematic and sacred approach that can help to achieve this goal. Hence, it was a wise idea from our Commander in Chief to gladly implement this initiative with great positivity.


Permaculture is derived from the words Permanent Agriculture and has gone beyond into looking at strategies to create sustainable food growing systems to become a worldwide movement that encompasses all aspects of how mankind can live in harmony with the earth in relation to its finite resources.

It uses the cheapest but reliable and highly productive systems and designs that are environmentally friendly and which are in good relationship the mother nature. in simple terms, permaculture is living sustainably as it adopts agricultural methods which are sustainable.

The African economy is based on agriculture but still registers with more hunger also each and every year. This is due to the poor systems which the people adopted as a means of growing and cultivating. Permaculture shifts from a mono-cropping practices to a poly-cropping practices. In that, we have many kinds of food from a small home garden to a very large agro-forestly. Note however, that permaculture do not only focuses on crops, but encompasses all together with animal management. So permaculture is a big garden with everything in it starting from a herb spiral to a fruit forest. It is a paradise in making as I use to call it. 

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