In the city of Mzuzu, a transformative collaboration is taking shape. Baobab Entertainment and Mpoto Awards have joined forces to empower African music talent, offering established and emerging artists an invaluable opportunity to refine their skills in music distribution and marketing. This partnership marks a significant milestone in their shared mission to uplift and […]

In a world where identity and unity are often overlooked, and old souls are often misunderstood, Old Souls emerges as a beacon of hope and understanding. If you’re among the passionate individuals who feel like an old soul trying to navigate modern times, then this company offers a compelling remedy to the challenges you face. […]

“I feel blessed that I was exposed to many great artistic events at a very young age, this inspired the depth and dynamics of my imagination. One other opportunity that came with my parents being teachers was the chance to live in different institutions where my parents were assigned to work, this exposed me to […]

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