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One of the ongoing Baobab Entertainment projects is the establishment of Baobab International Studios in Blantyre, Malawi.  The sole purpose of this studio is to create a good access to audio production services to outstanding young artists in Africa.  Baobab Entertainment realizes that sometimes it’s not the talent and the composition that fail us to get to the international space but rather the quality of our product.  It is also to this reference that the project of an International Studio came to birth.

The set-up is designed to support several artistic productions including audio recording, sound engineering and mastering, live acoustic sessions etc. Baobab Entertainment believes that the time is now for African talents to reach greater heights when it comes to arts.

The first phase of studio establishment is done with the construction and setting up the primary furniture.  The interior design of the studio and construction was done by Baobab’s designers Saje Furniture.

Once the studio is finished, it will serve to record and help various artistic productions in Malawi and contribute greatly to the music industry. The next phase of the studio establishment is to assemble the right equipment and materials needed for audio production services.  To achieve this Baobab cannot do alone but also invites the support from cooperate world, institutions and the government to assist arrive at its intended outcome

Since Baobab Entertainment’s sole goal is put Africa on the global platform, this is just the first studio to be established. Once its completed and fully operational, Baobab Entertainment plans to have several of such models in several countries in African countries.

During the making of Revolution Album volume 1 by the Reggae Dancehall Army- Africa, Baobab experienced a challenge in the centralization of data files for the project and we believe having a centralized studio to back up our projects, no compromising of the project work will be experienced.

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