Real name Benito Mwakatundu, Benyto is a Lilongwe based music artist, actor, song writer and composer who has been in the music scene or quite some time. His home village is Karonga. Music is an inborn talent to him and his fans, family and friends are his greatest inspiration.

He began his music journey in 2006. He dropped his first song in 2006 titled ” Dirty Girl” and he is currently working on an album titled “Journey”. He has more than 50 singles to his name.

As an artist he has released several singles and a mixtape of 15 songs in 2012 which is titled “Jah Time Be Di Best”. In the same year he also participated in the music radio show competition dubbed Dolo Wa Mu Hood which as hosted by Mr. President (Mphatso Chikalipo). Throughout his entire music career he has worked with several ell established artists like Annie Matumbi, Simba, Truemel,  Chycoon and J- Crazy just to mention but a few.

There are several songs that contributed to his music to get a wider fan base which include songs such as “Dem Talk”, “Nsampha Utaning’a” and Jah Time Be Di Best” just among the many.

He love for reggae dancehall is built on the grounds that reggae music is the kind of music carrying messages of positivity and it has a wide listenership across the globe.  That energy flows through his veins whenever he is recording and always aims to change lives with his music.

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