Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown, was born Charles Gomani Maseko on February 23 1990 at Lilongwe Central hospital and grew up in Lilongwe Malawi . Deejaying and singing is in charlie’s blood as his uncle was also an artist and lead vocalist of Jupiters band

Charlie’s musical tastes include listening to and appreciating the lyricism and talent of the late Nicodemus, Dr Lizard, Evison Matafale and Mafunyeta as well as contemporaries  of Gun Mouth . Through the work of these artists he has been able to develop his own unique sound which emanates deep respect for the musical icons who paved the way. Charlie’s talents also extend to recording and performing audio engineering tasks in studio. He credits this to his time spent at the Verbal Slaughter and Fyah Links Studios

Charlie Brown quickly took hold of the Malawian reggae music scene after he formed a group called “Kushites” with his friends Gun Mouth and Illigal Blacks in 2007 after finishing writing MSCE. His strong writing skills, complemented with Lyrical prowess and delivery made him stand out among other dancehall and Reggae performers. He continues to show his range and musical intellect through songs like the “Party Yama Kush” “Pachikhona,” “Swagg Yama Ras” and many more. His songs have given voice to a nation and helped forge an entirely new style of music and rhythm that is revolutionary, fiery, scathing, loving and stinging.

In 2011, Charlie won the Sprite Rap and Ragga competition , as he became the youngest contestant to ever win top prize at the competition, which included 400,000 mwk prize and a recording contract with Verbal Slaughter . A few weeks after winning the competition, Charlie  met late Lion Souljah of Black Flames Edutainment who produced his first hit record “Malawi Kwacha”, “Umanditenga Ntima” and  several hit singles followed including “Wandiona featuring  Illigal Blackz,” “Life” and “Nfana Wamugetto”. In June 2012 Verbal Slaughter Records released “Malingaliro Amu Ghetto” album with Kushites.

After winning the sprite competition, Charlie Brown performed at dancehall and reggea shows, including Lava Splash and many other live performances through out the country.

In 2013 Charlie Brown moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where he has been working and continues his music releasing over 13 tracks out of his up incoming mixtape tittled “KUWAUZA” and it features tracks such as “Ndimakonda” “Mwamba” “Mfuti Zanga” “Komwe Ndimachokela” and features artists such as Kon-Liv, Bold Head. The mixtape which  was recorded by Njuchi Records is set to be released late 2021 under Judgment Yard Malawi and  Kushites Music Inc.

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