Conel Chycoon

Born Chainda Mbera on January 11, 1988, recording artist well known as Conel Chycoon aka Njuchi King comes from humble beginnings and in the ghetto community of Area 25 Lilongwe, Malawi. Overcoming hardships as a youth from a single parent home, Chycoon knew from an early age that music was his way out. From as early as primary school he began writing songs and recorded his first song at the age of 16.  Conel Chycoon worked on his first 15 track debut album title “The Genesis” that had hit songs like “Mumva Kuwawa” “Call “Me” “Nyenyezi Titha” and many. Chycoon has also worked with different big name producers like Warge, Djee Sley, Djee Snoky Smoke, Janta, BFB,  Drew and Jah Rhino just a few.

By the age of 26, Chycoon started operating his own low cost recording studio and recorded Couple singles. As a self-taught studio engineer, he recorded songs from his fellow ghetto young men such as Princi Musiq, One Swinxy, Njuchi Zitatu, Silvania, Biyanjo, Provoice, Ishan Cyapital, Charlie Brown, Ginito, Pat B, Nep Man and T Kells just to mention but a few and has also worked couple projects with various Jamaican artist like Kleva Roots,  Messiah Gyad, Persona so the list goes  on. His keen interest in reggae and dancehall music did not please members of his family and his mother’s church who regarded it as rebellious. As a source of income, the Djee also sold the rhythms he would create, while still promoting his own projects at parties and Dancehall sessions in and around his community.

Without a father at home, Conel Chycoon used his love for music to fill a void he yearned for, for years and is now well on his way to greatness. More than just your typical Recording Artiste, the seemingly shy,

Multi-talented rising star is now showcasing his talents through the Self Owned label Njuchi Music. Conel Chycoon recently released couple singles while continuing to work on a number of other projects. As a

songwriter, Conel Chycoon writes all his music and draws inspiration from his personal experiences and those of others close to him. As an avid musician, Chycoon also plays the Guitar and hopes to one day learn to play more instruments as he continues to perfect his craft.


Fully aware of and confident in his talent and with the drive and natural ability he possesses, the Djee continues to make the best of his opportunities and on the right track to be one of the most successful and influential Recording artist from the “Warm Heart of Africa – Malawi”.

“Music is life, Music brings joy and happiness to my life, me without Music is like a dictionary without words.

Njuchi Music for Life” Sting Dem Bad!! – Njuchi King Himself


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