Chisomo Mayani also known as Fyah Bwoy is one exceptional Malawian artist, lyrists and songwriter whose music gets people click “replay” 24/7. Fyah Bwoy makes great music full of substance and real life experiences that one can learn from, am sure anyone would want to listen to well molded lyrics that gets them relate to real life situations.

Fyah Bwoy whose inspiration for music sprouted at Primary School when he was only 12 was born and raised in Malawi. As a first born son, he knew that his life in near future would not only depend on music but education as well.

His muse and hardworking spirit came from afar as he completes his secondary school education at Malomo Secondary School in Ntchisi. At that time, his passion for dancehall was still at peak as he had initially produced a number of songs already.

The artist first performed at Chikho lodge in Ntchisi when he was a teenager and at that time he had just completed his primary school education, however he recorded his first song in 2011 At Tentaso Records with Chikumbutso Mtima Ukanena (Thadius Tchanto) when he was in form 1.

But then again, his official track that was more of an initiation and a sparkle in his career was released in 2013 at Stars records with Innocent Nyanda (fat Nyanda). The song was actually a hit in the community and it also attracted a lot of people whose positive comments encouraged the talented artist to keep moving.

After some years he got signed under a Blantyre based Record label called Muskerteer Entertainment where he recorded couple of songs for his first album (Good over Evil) alongside well known producers’ s like Sispence, Tricky Beats, Fat Nyanda, BFB and Blage. He also released one music video for the song Every Girl is a riddim which was produced by Warge and Fat Nyanda in 2016 but to some hiccups the contract ended prematurely.

Nevertheless, Fyah Bwoy proceeded with the project, he did the mixing and mastering by himself and released the Album in 2018 as a producer and a recording artist. He is currently recording his upcoming Album called Louder which has 12 tracks and some of the tracks have been collaborated with big names like Blakjak, Phyzix, Hyphen, Vube and other two artist from Jamaica. The Album is set to be released 2021

The rare gem artist is currently working with a Blantyre based media company called INHOUSEMEDIA.



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