Hope Hassan / Owner

Hope Hassan otherwise known as Falcon King as an artist, was born in 2000 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Hassan. He is based in Lilongwe, Likuni. He is a songwriter and lyrist

He started his career as dancehall solo artist in the year 2016. Between the years 2016 to 2019 he has worked with so many upcoming artist and recorded quite a number of songs including.

His uncle used to listen to reggae and dancehall music and every holiday he used to visit him. As time passed he eventually also choose the genre as a way of communication to the world.

He dropped his first song in 2016 with Dadah Usper titled “One Question” which was love song, the song introduced him to the artistic world and it trended and got the positive feedback from fans.

He has performed on various stages including at Likuni Queens Park where he received a huge support from the fans.

He grew up in ghetto where he used to perform in small V-Shows and liked freestyling. His encouragement from his fans and family fueled his love for music. He was born in family of 5 children and raised by his mother after his father divorced her when he was 7 years. In the life’s hardest times his mother was the greatest inspiration and source of motivation. Giving up was never an option.

His released his single Moonlight is one of the best song that made him recognized as a great artist.

The shooting of “Kude” video is one of his highest moments in the music journey having all the costs and requirements covered by Swaleeh Bamusi.

He is a member of Baobabmusik- Africa and also Stage Assistant Manager for Reggae Dancehall Army – Africa which is working on its upcoming “Revolution” album.

Apart from music Falcon King is currently working at Saje Furniture as an Assistant.

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