Jane Karcz

Jane Karcz was born and raised in East Berlin, Germany. After higher education entrance qualification she went to Long Island, New York as an Au Pair. Returning to Germany she started training as a flight attendant.

Her love for Africa began when she was a child. It all started with a black doll and ended with a dance to African music in her room.

Her job enables her to explore the world and her favorite continent Africa, its wonderful people and its special biodiversity.

The people, the country, the food, the clothes and the music fascinate her. On all of her travels she have brought treasures from there. She was able to bring her feeling for fashion and creative ideas of traditional African designs to Baobab Africa in line with Baobab Musik.

Music is also one of her great passions. At school she played guitar and was a member of a school orchestra. The highlights of her musical career were the meeting of the “ghetto swinger” Coco

Schumann in Theresienstadt and an international school orchestra meeting in Salzburg under the direction of Ms. Dr. Margit Nagorsnik.

She came into contact with reggae about 20 years ago and it never let go of her. It is her dream to share the love for reggae and Africa with her partner & a reggae artist. With Baobab Africa in line with Baobab Musik, a long-awaited dream of TJ Bless (Joseph Madalitso Jelemani) comes true and she is proud to be a part of it.

‘’Don’t care where you come from, as long as you’re a black man, you’re an African’’- Peter Tosh –

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