Jay Crazy

Jay Crazy, real name Jack Jomo Mbala is a recording artist, producer and entrepreneur based in the capital city, Lilongwe area 25, sector 6. He is the Founder/Owner of Jay Records which was birthed in 2014. He was born in Lilongwe, falls estate but grew up in Mwanza boarder where his mum used work.

In 2014 he met Genii Blakk who introduced him to music production then later they opened recording their own studio in 2015.

His inspiration to start doing music grew because his cousins were guitarists who could play the guitar and sing most of the times.

He started doing music in 2008, with colleagues likes Fokasi, Jutric, Matia Killah and Fraba whom together they formed a music group known as “Zomera Cabnet”

He dropped his first song which he collaborated with his friends at SU records on a riddim called “Money Tree Riddim”.

He has done several collaborations with different artists like Blaze, Genni Blakk and Mafo.

His released singles “Set Fyaaah” a reggae tune and Chisomo which is a gospel song set the bar so high for the artist as he gained a lot recognition in the urban music circles. He is set to drop album next year which is titled “Ghetto Prayer”.

Jay crazy has been in the music industry for a quite some time and has worked with several sound engineers. Music has made connect with several artists and producers in Malawi.


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