Roleo is a Singer, songwriter, Producer(US-Tainments records), born Leonard Rollan  Kagwa in a family of three. He is an Afro-RnB and Reggae Dancehall artist based in Monkey Bay, Mangochi.

He grew up in Lilongwe as a kind and later by with his grandmother, aunties and uncles after the death of his parents.

He attended his Secondary education at Chankhandwe Secondary School. After Finishing his Secondary School, he wanted to become a Mechanic, unfortunately he couldn’t afford a Technical College course.  He then went to Kasungu Teachers Training College where he graduated as a teacher. He got posted to Monkey Bay to teach at a Primary School. His interest in music grew even bigger while in Monkey Bay and he started recording frequently.

He was inspired by his uncles who were having acoustic band equipment. That got him interested in music because every day he was watching them practice and developed the feeling of wanting to make music.

He has so far to his name a mixtape called “The Trip” which had popular songs like “Somebody Say”, “Mkwiyo ft. Suspected Suspect”, “Busy ndi Zanga”, “Dzalawe (wa Masese) ft. The Smogz”, “Love lies (Khalid X Normani’s cover)”. The tape was released in the year 2020

He started doing music as a career in 2012. Getting inspiration from many dancehall and reggae artists from Malawi and across the border.

Raised not only in the ghetto, but in the typical village too, Roleo is determined to use the power installed in reggae music to reach out to the world with positive messages.

He is currently in the Reggae Dancehall Army group.

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