Baobab Permaculture Part II

Written by on 28th June 2021

Think of this, you love ducks and you would love to keep them on your farm one day. But then you remember how nasty ducks can turn your compound to. Ducks love anything that has to do with water and when they get around clean water, they always have to mess it up, for that reason why not constructing a pond or a dam in a place where ducks can easily live freely, in their own lovely environment, without interrupting with domestic activities. But while you think of that, it’s a pond, you just can’t have a pond without fish in it. You could also plant your bananas, sugarcanes, and bamboos around the area to keep your pond warm and clean, and which will also be used for food and other minor constructions. Through this simple chain of edible makeup, we have already created a food forest. More ducks, more fishes, more water for your plants and more bamboos for construction, and at the very end more food for everyone. Permaculture gives you all the angles and opportunities to always come up with good food generating techniques which are very cheap but sufficient. With such systems, don’t you we think we can feed our hungry nation?

Baobab Permaculture plans of building such an ecosystem to help to restore this world which was once a one big garden. That ever since the creation of man, nature has all been destroyed and wiped out in the name of industrialization and modern world civilization. Imagine of what the world would look like in the next century, I will tell you, as empty as in the stomach of a street child in my country. Therefore, Baobab permaculture realized that the more people run away from their permanent culture which is a well-practiced agriculture, the more our people will continue to starve. Hence, our Commander in Chief, who is wise and visionary, decided to include Permaculture in response to the growing number of vulnerable street kids to his homeland, Africa, which is also the origin of most of the Baobab Entertainment International’s Reggae Dancehall Army – Africa.

If we could plant a solar panel somewhere more direct to the sun, we could generate energy in terms of electricity. Whereas, planting windmills in windy areas, we could also be generating the same electricity as the solar panel. The idea behind these statements is, when you finally understand how nature works, you would use the same nature to do everything for you. Instead of rejoicing for heavy rains, we complain that too much rain is dangerous. Yet, too much rain has never been a problem at all, but too much rain on our poorly designed systems has always been so life-threatening. In permaculture heavy rains will always mean enough water for our plants and animals.

This is all about permaculture as we try to see solutions, and not problems. Heavy rains sweep off our homes because our environments are not secured; we have cut down those trees that used to protect us from such disasters. Our fields as well are not protected due to poor agricultural systems that the majority of people have adopted. So, until we shift away from those poor systems and to adopt a good system, more people will continue to be starving.

Baobab Permaculture is trying to create the environment which was supposed to be done by people who lived many years before us before the earth became this naked. We would be designing and training different personnel, especially vulnerable and hopeless kids out there, who will also be mandated to go and train other people so that more people get to know these good systems which are greatly necessary in these times of adversary. This is the least that baobab permaculture will be doing, the rest we leave it in the sacred realms of the mother-nature, to feed us all and creatures.

However, the mission is; to feed the future of our vulnerable little brothers and sisters in Africa, so to keep them off the streets and to become a part of one big Baobab family, deeply emerged into art, sustained life and culture.

Therefore, our vision in Baobab Permaculture is; to become passionate in improving the wellbeing of our global community thereby devolving into the expertise of producing cheap, plenteous and high quality of food to feed the needy young generation, henceforth, discovering different arts in these youths well enough to keep entertaining the globe.

1. Earth-care: Respecting the Earth as the source of all life.
2. People-care: Helping each other and ourselves to live sustainably.
3. Fair-share: Using the Earth’s limited resources in ways that are equitable and wise.
4. Art: Accepting that Art is the creation of all mankind.
5. Love and Culture: Living in peace and harmony.

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  1. Blessings mdeza   On   29th June 2021 at 4:31 pm

    I will be grad if this works according to the plans….may Jah and the team…for your efforts….indeed Africa is one of the continent….that hunger strikes…..every year…. Since slavery…but with your big mission I think this hunger problem,..will decrease…..

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