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Develop a strong brand and image: In the music industry, image is often just as important as the music itself. Artists should take the time to carefully craft their brand and image, as this can help them stand out and connect with their audience. This includes creating a unique visual aesthetic, developing a consistent message […]

Music distribution is the process of making music available for listeners to purchase or stream through various outlets. One of the main ways music is distributed is through digital platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and many others. Physical copies of music, such as CDs and vinyl records, are also distributed through traditional retail […]

 THE MUSIC REVOLUTION: TJ Bless has embarked on an African Reggae Dancehall Revolution which is aiming at exposing many young African musicians to the world. At Baobab Entertainment: We aim beyond the blue sky: African Music International. www.baobabentertainment .com

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